Original Welcome:

This event is dedicated to assembling experts on the fields of plasma and particle physics, in particular on laser induced fusion and particle production in intense fields. These research areas are promising for future development, they connect to the use of large scale international facilities, like CERN and ELI.

Main Topics:

  • Perspectives on Laser and Particle Beam Aided Fusion
  • Particle Production in Strong Fields
  • Field Theory and Strongly Interacting Plasmas
  • New Methods and Mathematical Techniques

On May 19-th Jan Rafelski has his birthday, presenting an additional occasion to review the above research topics in which he was making contributions. Jan was in Summer 2020 and 2021 a Fulbright Fellow at the Budapest Wigner Institute.

Keynote speakers

  • Rob Pisraski, Brookhaven National Lab, USA
  • Constantino Tsallis, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Johann Rafelski, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
  • Wolfgang Schleich, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Norbert Kroo, Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Invited Speakers

  • Leonid Glozman, Uni Graz
  • Owe Philipsen, Uni Frankfurt
  • Sonja Kabana, CERN
  • Chihiro Sasaki, Wroclaw
  • Martin Formanek, MPI Heidelberg
  • Hannah Elfner, GSI Darmstadt
  • Xiaojun Yao, MIT
  • Laszlo Csernai, Bergen

International Organizing Commitee

  • Berndt Müller (Chair), Brookhaven National Laboratory & Duke University
  •  Johann Rafelski, University of Arizona, Tucson           
  •  Horst Stöcker, FIAS and GSI, Frankfurt           
  •  Constantino Tsallis, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
  •  Huan Z Huang, University of Californa Los Angeles 
  •  Aleksi Kurkela, CERN, Theory Division          
  •  Willibald Plessas, Universität Graz,  
  •  Norbert Kroo, Wigner RCP Budapest

Local Organizing Committee (Wigner RCP)

  • Tamás Sándor Biró (Chair)
  • Norbert Kroó
  • Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi
  • Sándor Varró
  • Zoltán Zimborás

Thermal Margaret Island Hotel, Margaret Island, 1007 Budapest, Hungary

Registration will be open in spring 2022