Wigner Colloquia / Wigner kollokvium

Nonadditive entropy: small price to satisfy thermodynamics -- Theory and experiments

by Prof. Constantino Tsallis (CBPF Rio de Janeiro and Santa Fe Institute)

Bldg.1. Meeting Room (KFKI campus)

Bldg.1. Meeting Room

KFKI campus

Budapest, Konkoly-Thege Miklos 29-33

The Galilean composition law of velocities within Newtonian mechanics is additive. But, in order to unify mechanics with Maxwell electromagnetism, Einstein adopted the Lorentz space-time transformation as the primary mathematical-physical goal to be satisfied. It resulted the well known, nonadditive, relativistic composition law of velocities. This surely is a small price to pay in order to unify mechanics and electromagnetism, and explain very many experimental facts. Analogously, there is a plethora of analytical, experimental, observational and computational evidences (see Bibliography in http://tsallis.cat.cbpf.br/biblio.htm) which reveals various kinds of violations of Boltzmann-Gibbs (BG) statistical mechanics, including thermodynamics. The adoption of nonadditive entropic functionals which generalize the traditional, additive, BG one enables to satisfy classical thermodynamics: as before, a small price to pay!

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